Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yahoo Group posting

I am a member of an Intuitive Eating yahoo group. They are very active and I seldom post anything but enjoy reading everyone else's posts. Today someone posted something that I could totally relate to so I responded. Here is the original post and my response

Well, I've been embracing Intuitive Eating for about two months, and have been making my peace with cookie dough, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, potato chips, salty nuts, bleu cheese dressing, Chinese spareribs, Fritos, and Nutella. I've been trying to stay positive about the process I am in, and mostly it's been working. But today when I went to buy new fall clothes myweight gain was undeniable. I have gone up TWO pants sizes. It's hard not to be depressed over this, and hard to go shopping when my selection of clothing is that much more limited. I'm trying not to let it get me down, but I could use some encouragement.


I have had almost the exact same experience. After about four months of making peace with food, I planned a shopping trip with my friends for my birthday. I was so upset to find that I had also gone up in size. My whole life I have told myself that I would never let myself gain enough weight that I had to shop at the "plus size" stores. I have gotten close before and that is when I would start a new diet and lose some weight. This time I bit my lip and walked in those stores and I was so pleased to find many clothes that FIT and LOOKED GOOD. Now when I get ready in the morning, I am actually excited to get dressed. I am still discouraged that I am gaining weight but I know that making peace with food is a necessary process. I remind myself often that I have dieted and over eaten my whole life - I can't expect to learn this new way to eat in just a few months. Because it might take years, I have to accept myself and RESPECT my body. This is easier to say than to do. Good luck and thanks for your post - I can totally relate.



Molly said...

I always said that about "plus size" stores too. Like they are a four letter word or something (I just looked at plus and size after I typed them and they actually ARE four letter words, who knew). Anyway, I actually enjoy the Lane Bryant they keep up with the trends and the pants actually fit. Hallelujah!

This whole intutive eating thing is very interesting to me because it sounds like the way you're supposed to eat when your pregnant. If you're craving something, you're supposed to eat it because that probably means your body is needing something that food will offer. Plus your body won't take anything else for an answer, if you want soy sauce and you try Cafe Rio instead...it doesn't work! I kept eating this way after I had Macy and it worked well, except I ate TOO much of my intuition. I'm excited to try it on a smaller portion scale after I have this kid and see if it works any better. Thanks for the inspiration Katy, you're awesome!

Molly said...

Wow. Sorry I blabbed so much, the comment didn't look that big in the comment box!

Kelly said...

Thanks for your post and for reading my blog! It's great to have support online, because none of my friends are interested in eating intuitively...they're all about dieting.

I always have someone else shop with me and make them grab the sizes and cut out the tags when we get home - that way, I don't know what size I am, don't get upset, and feel really awesome that I have great clothes.

Anonymous said...

I have just joined that yahoo group - it's very active but I am learning that a lot of the ups and downs in my journey are normal

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