Monday, September 7, 2009

Training for my SECOND triathlon

Here is the trisuit and 1/2 of the wetsuit I bought for my next triathlon. Come back next weekend to see some pictures of me actually wearing these articles of clothing.

OK - it is true. I am becoming addicted to triathlons. This coming Saturday (9/12) I am doing another at Bear Lake in the open water. This is a bit more intense than the first triathlon I completed last time. The swim is a half mile and the bike ride is 12 miles and then the dreaded 5K run. I think I'll be ready.

Ever since the last triathlon it was obvious that I need to spend more time working on my run. So I changed my training so I was running 4X a week and swimming and biking only 2X a week. Don't you think that makes sense? To work more on the weakness?

I am a bit scared about the open water so I decided I should do a little practicing. Last Saturday Holly and I went to Utah Lake and we swam around the boat harbor. I have no idea how far we swam but we did it and it is kinda strange at first because you cannot see in the water at all. Utah Lake was gross by the way but you already knew that. This past Saturday Stacy, Ann Dee, Cameron, Van, and Asher joined me up at Deer Creek to watch me practice again. At this point I had my new tri suit and half of my new wet suit (the top half should come in at SBR Sports tomorrow). I swam with just the bottoms of the wetsuit and it wasn't that cold at all. I'm glad I decided to go with the sleeveless top.

My friend Julia has decided to do the Turkey Tri with us on November 7th. She introduced me to Coach Keena - check her out here. I went last Wednesday to her triahtlon class and let me tell you - it is hard core. We rode from the AF Fitness Center to Traverse Mountain (I didn't ride to the top but I went pretty far). Then we got back to the AFFC to swim. So I signed up for this Wednesday night class for two months until the Turkey Tri. I think it will help a lot. Coach Keena also has online training with details of what I should be doing for every workout. The program automatically emails me every day to remind me. It's pretty cool.

By the way, this sport is probably the most expensive sport I could have picked. Since I started training for a triathlon, I have purchased the following:
  • running shoes
  • bike (with water bottles, headlight, taillight, pump)
  • biking gloves
  • biking shorts
  • biking top
  • swim suit
  • swim cap
  • goggles
  • ear plugs
  • swimp3 player
  • swim gear bag
  • swim hand paddles
  • sports bras
  • spandex
  • 5 lb bucket
  • race number belt
  • trisuit
  • wetsuit
  • bike trainer (but I need a new one - the used one I bought is crap)
  • heart rate monitor watch


ktb said...

Oh and I forgot ... sunglasses

Megan said...

I've heard about Coach Keena. You're daring.