Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Positive eating experience #1

J wants me to stop focusing on the negative eating experiences and write down all my positive eating experiences. I told her that I feel like I'm at a stand still but then I guess I feel that way cause I'm not losing weight. This activity might help me realize that I'm making progress just not in the way I expect or hope to. So I will share all these positive experiences with anyone who reads my blog.

I went to dinner with Ann Dee and K. We decided that each of us would pick a yummy appetizer and we'd all share and then we'd get dessert as well. It was so darn fun to taste everyone else's food and not be so obsessed with whichever one I chose. I stopped when I was full and didn't overeat. I know if we hadn't shared, I would have eaten much more. I was satisfied and happy. Chalk that one up for sure.

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Whitney Johnson said...

Dear Katy --

I found your blog through Macy.

Intuitive eating -- what an interesting idea. I found myself musing on this several times today.

Was I really hungry? Shouldn't I eat a banana before I get so, so, hungry that I feel I absolutely must eat something not so healthy.

Thanks for your post.

Whitney Johnson