Thursday, October 25, 2007

Positive Eating Experience #4 - or was it?

Monday night I was at dinner with S and we both ordered the salad and one slice of pizza deal. I ate both and still felt hungry - now because I am an intuitie eater, I thought I should order another slice of pizza so I did. It was soooooo good. I ate the whole thing and surpassed my fullness level and felt sick after. Should I have waited a bit before ordering the second piece of pizza or should I have simply stopped midway throgh the second piece? This IE thing is really hard.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I found this with our homemade pizza's. my husband and I made one and ate it for lunch every saturday. i would take two slices and eat both and feel full. i decided to see how much it would take to satisfy me. I needed more than one slice but not two as that was too much. It turned out that one slice and two bites of the other was perfect for me.

It took a bit of practice but it felt so much better than feeling overfull.

it's amazing how a small amount can tip us over the edge of that hunger scale don't you think?