Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chapter 13 - Exercise - Feel the Difference

Here are some thoughts from this chapter:
  • Focus on how it makes you feel...
  • Start slow or you might not enjoy it
  • Don't look in the big mirrors at the gym
  • Compare how it feels to exercise to how it feels to not exercise
  • Exercise helps prevent health problems
  • Incorporate physical activity into your everyday life
    • stairs
    • ride bike to work
    • walk to class
    • walk around the airport while waiting for flight
  • Exercise to take care of yourself - reevaluate your priorities - make time to take care of yourself
    • make an appointment with yourself and keep it just like you would keep an appointment with a friend
  • Make exercise fun
    • walk with a friend = uninterrupted talk time (Larry and me every morning at 5:30 AM)
    • basketball
    • racquetball
    • biking
  • Exercise can be a good way to channel anxiety while learning to eat intuitively
  • Remember to REST - be smart
    • Sometimes taking care of yourself means choosing not to exercise.

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