Friday, March 27, 2009

It's been 7 weeks since my last meeting with J

Today we talked about the progress I have made with exercise. I have been eating emotional at night lately. We talked about the idea I have that since I have just worked out, I deserve to overeat or have something my body doesn't want. We decided that actually this is just a rationalization for using food to comfort, relieve anxiety, or cure boredom. I am going to try and separate my hunger and fullness from my emotions and then I will wait an hour or two after dinner to decide if I am really hungry for more.

Before my next meeting:
  1. Read the Emotional Eating chapter again
  2. Pay attention to hunger and fullness (separate emotions)
  3. I'm going to look up sprint triathlon training programs
  4. I'm going to swim 2X, jog 2X, and bike 2X a week
  5. Cook 1/week
  6. Cooking show podcast


Rachelle said...

thank you. THANK YOU. for being "here." i was having a meltdown when i came across your blog...and i'm so happy i did. trying to learn the intuitive eating way as well. so from one fellow "Happy Valley" girl to another, THANKS FOR BEING AN ANSWER TO MY PRAYERS! i have a blog at (but that's just my life/adoption blog). i don't talk about my "weight/body" issues on there...yet! Maybe one day thanks to your example! :)

Ariel said...

I appreciate your posts! It shows how much commitment you really have to your IE program. :)