Sunday, November 18, 2007

Blindfold Eating

In my last session with J we did a little experiment called "Blind fold eating". It is a bit embarrassing because you have to eat without looking at the food and you are likely to make a mess. I brought a bacon burger and cheese fries from here:

Then she put one of these on me:

I took a few deep breaths, checked in with my hunger and fullness level and started eating. During each bite, J asked me questions about what the temperature, smell, taste was like. Was it as good as I expected? What foods stand out in each bite? I loved really thinking about what I ate. I thought it was a cool experience. I thought I was eating pretty slowly but at one point J told me to stop and wait. We talked about the experience for a bit and then asked me to check in with my hunger and fullness. Wow - I was satisfied and if I hadn't stopped, I would have eaten the whole thing. I took the blindfold off and realized that I ate about 2/3 of the hamburger and not much at all of the fries. It was amazing. My assignment this week was to do something similar twice a week with my own meals - not necessarily blindfold myself but to really try and be mindful while I eat. It works when I actually take the time to do it. I learned that I eat at a 3 and I thought it was a 2. I eat too fast. I don't focus on the tastes, smells, temperature and textures enough.


Anonymous said...

I need to try this one again. I did it a few weeks ago but I sat at the table with my five year old daughter who thought it was hilarious.

I kept missing the food with my fork and taking mouthfuls of ...nothing.

i also spilt more over the plate than I ate and by the end of it my daughter and I were laughing too much

CMR said...

KTB--I was beginning to doubt the whole IE thing until now!!! If you can master this you are on your way! And KT if we love and accept you for who you are why don't you? You are the greatest ever! I miss you! I heart you KTB

Scames said...

I'll eat the rest of your cheese fries if you want!!