Monday, April 7, 2008

One week

I'm going to go without soda for one week. It's only an experiment. Today I met with J and she told me that diet sodas (like I drink every day) can mess with my ability to feel my hunger and fullness levels. So I 'm just going to try it out.

I'm slowly learning how to do this intuitive eating thing.

These are the other things I have committed to this week:

  1. Buy new clothes for spring on Saturday
  2. Drink 48 oz of water a day - I bought a bunch of flavored add-ins
  3. Drink NO soda
  4. Read Chapter 9 of the IE book by Thursday
  5. Extend my lunches to 20 minutes - actually take 20 minutes to eat and stop at 6.5
  6. Go on ONE bike ride
It's time for another intuitive eating meeting - who is in? Email or comment. I need one!


bug girl said...

This is a great goal. You can do it. Every one I know who stopped the SODA noticed a difference faster than exercising alone.

Mona said...

More power to ya. Let me know how it goes.

Mike James said...

Exactly - mess with your ability to feel hunger because they don't deliver any glucose to your cells. The real danger is in the carbonic acid. You don't need it - but Kat, it's like everything, moderation. You have even be unhealthy in your water consumption, and we know water isn't bad for you. Just be smart about it. I applaud you for doing this - more power to ya.

Hunky Dori said...

So how did you fare. I'm a little late in reading this but I've been on a detox myself since them. To you fall off the wagon.