Sunday, September 7, 2008


I had a good session with J on Friday.

We talked about the progress I have made in the last year + and while I am probably still the same size (I'm not sure cause I haven't weighed myself for a long time), I have started to catch on to this Intuitive Eating thing.

I still have lots to learn. Here are some of the things I've noticed in myself:
  • I enjoy exercise and I have been more willing lately to try new types of exercise
  • More and more often I crave lighter foods with fruits and vegetables, rather than heavier type foods
  • I think more and more about how what I eat will make me feel emotionally and physically
  • I use food less and less to take care of my emotions especially for comfort
It could be years before I get down to my "natural body size" as the book talks about but I'm am still convinced that this is the ONLY way to get there.

OK - so here are my goals for this week:
  1. Plan my meals using the peace sign
  2. Eat in more (only eat out 3X a week - by the way that is cutting back a ton!)
  3. Be mindful when I eat Sunday dinner at Sam's house
  4. Swim 3X a week
  5. Bike 1X a week
  6. Look at my goals every day (post them on my blog - check)

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