Monday, September 29, 2008

Katy the cook...

My most recent session with J was spent talking mostly about cooking. Eating out is a habit... a bad habit.

My goals for the next few weeks include:
  • buy a cookbook with meals for one or two people
  • go grocery shopping AT LEAST once a week - maybe more stops for certain ingredients (I need to remember that a quick trip to the grocery store will take as much time as going through the drive-thru)
  • eat in for dinner at least 3X a week
  • take a lunch to work unless I have a lunch date
Ideas/suggestions from people about cooking for one:
  • hot ham and cheese (grilled)
  • chicken salad sandwiches/wraps
  • left-0vers for lunch the next day
  • sides
  • yummy breads
  • add veges to things you know you like already
  • and change the serving size to one
  • buy a rotisserie chicken and use bits and pieces of it throughout the week
  • My friend Megan has sent me multiple emails with loads of ideas and she is willing to help me at each step - I'm not going to post all of her ideas here but I might post about what I cook as I try new things - no promises (the whole reason I have a hard time with cooking is that it takes too much time so if I promise to blog about everything I cook, it'll become an excuse not to)
  • Cooking group - get 3 other people in my same situation (cooking for one) and we each cook something that can be refrigerated or freezed and we swap once a week - gotta find three people that are single, good cooks and willing ---- anyone?

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