Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Big Fat Lies

Today I weighed myself at the gym. Not a good idea. I had been feeling good since all my two-a-days so I guess I wanted some kind of confirmation about all this. I was disappointed and then frustrated. I started telling my personal trainer about the scale and how I need to remember that it is about how I feel and not any kind of measurement. We got into a discussion about health. Can an obese/overweight person be healthy? I was arguing yes and I recommended this book. I haven't read it all so I didn't really know how to argue my point well.

The conversation shifted and then he confessed to me that he had checked out my blog. My first thought was oh crap. I never in a million years thought he would read my posts so I always thought it was OK to make him look like the bad guy when talking about my body and weight issues. I felt really bad cause the truth is if I didn't get along so well with this guy he would not still be my personal trainer after almost 2 years. He pushes me just enough and he is incredibly good at figuring out new exercises. In fact he is really creative cause he has me working on my core almost the whole time even if I'm working on other things - like bicep curls or whatever.

Side note: By the way today I beat (or at least matched) some weight records for his female clients on at least two exercises.

OK - back to the story. The first thing E (that is how I will refer to him) said was, "After all we've been through ... ?" That made me feel worse. After discussing some of the comments I had made about him in various posts, he said he understood that every good story needs a villain and he was OK with that. I could tell that he wasn't exactly OK with being the bad guy in my Intuitive Eating Journey so I told him about this post and this post.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a personal trainer, I have a great recommendation.

E - if you are reading this ... please realize that I don't try to set up my nieces with just anybody. Take that as compliment buddy. And although we may not see eye to eye on all things intuitive, I do appreciate you helping me lift weights.

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