Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Make an appointment with yourself

Tonight I skimmed through Chapter 13 - the exercise chapter. I'm sure I reviewed it before in another post but right now I'm just going to write about whatever I want.
  • Focus on how it feels
  • Focus on exercise as a way of taking care of myself ... because you love yourself
  • Make exercise a nonnegotiable priority
"Make an appointment with yourself to work out, and honor it as you would any other meeting or appointment." So ... treat yourself like you would other people.

Ever since I made the goal to train for this triathlon, I have scheduled time to work out and I actually have honored these appointments. Before it was so easy to find any excuse not to work out. Now I find myself telling people that I can meet you after such and such a time (considering the workout and a quick shower).

Well all this exercising has made me really tired and really hungry. Last night after work I met my personal trainer for our regularly scheduled work out and then we had our basketball banquet. I didn't leave the high school until 10:00 PM and I still needed to do my biking for the day. I broke the appointment with myself because I decided sleep could be just as important.

Why my legs hurt when I run. Now three people have told me its all about the shoes. I thought it was cause I wasn't stretching enough or correctly. Well my personal trainer entertained all my ideas and then said, "or it is cause you need to lose weight."

Anyway, I bought these today after my run. The sales guy could tell from the bottom of my old shoes how I run. I run neutral apparently which he said was good. I tried on a bunch of shoes and finally decided on a pair that felt the best. I was not concerned one bit about how they looked only how they felt. Well now isn't this a nice analogy for intuitive eating - how you feel not how you look.

Last night at the banquet one of the basketball girl's moms said she thought I had lost weight. I told her I didn't know cause I don't weigh myself. I didn't really get into intuitive eating, I just told her that I try to focus on how I feel.

I'm pretty sure I haven't lost any weight. I just think she had never seen me in jeans.

Swimming etiquette. Larry and I share a lane. He walks on the east side and I swim on the west. It wouldn't really work for us to go around in a circle and we definitely cannot have a third person. Well this morning some girl jumped in our lane. How in the world was this going to work? Luckily I only had one more down and back so Larry just got out and I swam on his side. I was bugged. I understand that when it is crowded you gotta share but I just don't want to go more than two per lane. Is that unreasonable?

Cafe Rio tostada. I discovered a way to get a cheaper, smaller salad. Just order a tostada with a flour tortilla. They put sour cream on it instead of guacamole. Anyway it was good to eat after a week and a half of two-a-days.


Skelley Family said...

I love the shoes.....there is nothing better than a good jog in the old outdoors with a new pair of running shoes! I am so Proud of you!

Three and Counting said...

katy- what tri are you doing- my husband keeps trying to talk me into doing it- its not the working out- I already do 2 hours a day- it is the fear that I will cause some one to crash on their bike or someone will yell aat me because I don't knoe what I am doing- lame huh. SO let me know because I may want to join you.

Three and Counting said...

also I have onyl been running on a treadmill for the last 10 months - my knees hurt when I run outside.