Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Endorphins make you happy

When I lived at the Enclave #105 in 1996 I would sometimes ride my bike while my roommate Amy Jo would run. It was kinda hard to keep up with her. Well five kids later Amy is still an exercise nut. I asked her awhile ago about this. She told me that exercise keeps her sane and it is almost like a drug. I just don't get that. Or at least I didn't think I did.

I'm starting to understand a bit more. Last Thursday I was had a bad day and I was really irritable. Everyone, I mean everyone was bugging me. I called Ann Dee after work on my way to the gym and started to vent. She said, "well at least you get to go to the gym now." I thought to myself - yeah right, like that is going to help.

Anyway, while I was biking I watched this movie and Elle Woods had this to say ...

I was surprised but I actually felt better after my workout - not just physically but emotionally too and luckily I didn't kill anyone that day.

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