Friday, May 1, 2009

A week of rest and a week of travel

Last week I got sick for three days so I did not exercise. Then I went to DC to be with some friends. I did go swimming the night we stayed in a hotel but the pool was so small I almost got dizzy swimming back and forth. I went on a nice long walk with Kenon on Sunday night. So really for about a week I didn't do any of my training. I was worried this would happen so I had consulted my personal trainer about this and he told me that it is OK to let my body rest a bit after I have been so diligent with my workouts. I hoped this was true and I also hoped that when I got back to it I wouldn't have to back track.

WELL ...

Now I am in Philadelphia on another trip - a five day long trip. And luckily our hotel is big enough and fancy enough that they have this:

and this:

So guess what? I'm back on track and I was able to do my workouts just like I had before I got sick. I am repeating week 3 (week 6 on this schedule) and starting Monday I'll be onto week 4 (week 7). Actually I do more than what it says on the website. I do three sets of 6 laps (down and back). I also walk 2 mins and jog for 5 mins. I feel pretty proud of myself.

I haven't been lifting obviously cause I can't do that without Eric. I know he is missing me too.

I'm missing Ann Dee's fake triathlon tomorrow. I wish I could do it here in the work out facility but I'll only have time for a jog cause I have to go to more museum meetings. Yes I do.

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