Friday, May 15, 2009

Never nude

Yesterday at the gym you could have heard me say to my personal trainer:

"You really want to see what I had for lunch, doncha?"

Needless to say, he really worked me hard.

People - I'm still at it. Week number 6 (8 according the training schedule). This week I saw 18 laps (2 sets of 8 and 1 set of 2). Next week it'll be two sets of 9. I'm getting out on my bike more and more rather than biking at the gym.

Since I have been swimming at the BYU pool in the mornings, I've decided to just shower and wash my hair there rather than going home to do it. I've finally figured out how to do this and all the while never show my naked body to others. I'm a never nude, you know.

The triathlon I'm training for in November is a 400 meter swim (which I did two of this morning) so I'm feeling good about that. I'm pretty sure I can handle the 15 mile bike ride. It's that $%&^* 5K that I'm struggling with. I just gotta keep at it. Right now I walk/jog for 35 minutes (walk 2, jog 5). This is actually further along on my schedule than I should be at week 8 but I've been doing this for a long time and I wish it would get easier.

PS - I fit into some pants the other day that I haven't been able to for awhile. Probably shouldn't use that as a way to measure my progress but it still feels good. At least I didn't weigh myself, right?


Becky said...

Good job Katie! You are so brave to do a triathalon! Someday...maybe I could do one? Well, I settle for fitting into some of my smaller sized pants.

The Warner Family said...

awesome katy- I was just starting formal training for a tri when something else came up- check back on my blog in a couple weeks to find out what. I am not afraid of the work I am afraid that when I get theresomeone is going to yell , at me, I am going to hit someone in the swim, or cause someone to crsh on their bike- those are my real fears. Like the first day of school all over again. I wish we lived closer- mostly so you could babysit my rugrats----just so I would have a good friend to call and wouldn't be scared to ask to go to dinner with and who I would actually want to go to winner with. So what is happening with the love life. I have been keeping my eyes peeled

Megan said...

Keep it up Katy!