Sunday, May 24, 2009

Last Meeting with J and my own triathlon

This post is two part - I will separate with a horizontal rule.

Friday night I did my very own triathlon. I started right after work and I didn't finish until 9 PM. Here is how it went down. The triathlon I'm planning to do in November is a 5K (3.2 miles), 10 mile bike ride, and a 400 meter swim (8 down and backs). So I decided I would do the same.

RUNNING: Lately I've been driving to Timpview Drive and parking so I can just run on the long and relatively flat stretch. So that is what I did. I drove to Timpview Drive. Once I got to Rock Canyon Elementary I cleared my odometer on my car and drove 1.6 miles up the street. Parked. Stretched. and ran down and back. I did my intervals - 2 minutes walking and 5 minutes jogging. It took me 50 minutes. I know, not very fast. Running is the hardest part. I did it however. I hope that I can run the whole thing for the real triathlon.

BIKING: I drove home, grabbed my camel back and threw in some clean clothes. I hopped on my bike and headed toward the Provo River Trail on 800 North or so. I usually drive my bike up to the Riverwoods area, park and then ride to Vivian Park. Not this time. I decided to head towards the lake. I really enjoyed the ride. I got to see a little league baseball game in progress, the KOA campground, and lots of cool birds by the lake. By the way, it has been probably two years since I've done this stretch of the trail and they have made some improvements. For example, you no longer have to cross Geneva road. Anyway, at 5 miles I turned around and rode directly to the Richards building.

SWIM: It felt good to get my body into the pool. Swimming is my favorite. It works my muscles yet doesn't hurt them. I was able to stretch really well in the pool after my 8 down and backs. This part took me only like 10 minutes or so. I hopped out of the pool, showered and rode home.

I did it! And I was so tired and proud of myself. I ate Cafe Rio after that and wasn't very intuitive about it either.

Second, J was just about to have a baby at our last meeting and wouldn't return to work until August. I thought it was a good time to take a break from seeing a dietitian and see how I would do trying to live the IE principles all by myself without anyone to check up on me. She told me that she thought I was an intuitive eater. I still don't feel like I am but I can't deny that I've made significant progress over the last two years.

Katy, say this out loud: "I am an intuitive eater."

Here are some things we talked about (including some goals):
  • Keeping an emotions journal, asking why am I overeating? what feelings are going?
  • Loneliness is no reason to over eat. Stop when satisfied and leave food. Don't worry about wasting money or OCD issues.
  • Continue to work on thinking about my hunger and fullness levels
  • Body image - be accepting and cautious
  • Stay on top of training schedule
  • Read the nutrition chapter again
  • Make a meal from the Eating Well magazine (or even just a side dish)
  • Try new recipes
  • Make a grocery list template that includes all the important food groups
  • Be prepared to make some quick and easy meals


Tolly and Lennon said...

I'm very proud of you. It takes a lot of discipline to do your OWN triathlon. You deserved the Cafe Rio. Hope I can join you in November -- planning on it.

And if you keep this up, you will be able to run the whole thing for sure.

bug girl said...

Awesome. I can only swim just enough to save myself and riding a bike does not come back to me just because I lived on my bike as a 6 yr. old. Sounds like you've got the endurance down, which means you've bagged this puppy! Good luck on your tri.

Bryn said...

I love the eating/living your triathalon too...hope to get to that point sometime myself...great job.